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The Name Game June 27, 2008

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This is my first post that really pertains to the business I hope to open one day.  Without going deep into the details of the business right now, it’s going to be an “event boutique.”  And I’m having trouble naming it.

Choosing a name feels like getting a tattoo… so permanant.

There are all the obvious questions- Is it original enough?  Will it be appropriate in ten years?  Does it encapsulate my business concept?  And then there are the practicality questions- Is it easy to remember?  Is the domain name available?  Is it easy to spell and say?

The name of this blog is “Shindig Shoppe” for a reason.  It’s the name I chose for the business.  But it’s the hundredth name I’ve chosen.  And now I have another one.  Obviously I can’t keep doing this.  And I’m getting close to buying a domain name and launching a website, so I have to pick something and stick with it.  So whatta you think?

Shindig Shoppe or Shindy General

I like that Shindy General isn’t so blatantly a “shindig” reference because that word has been used too many times for event-themed businesses. But Shindig Shoppe might be more clear in referring to the business…

Any thoughts?



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I love gift wrap.  Love it.  I don’t even give very many gifts, but I have a wrapping paper (and ribbon) collection that’s overflowing its current home.  And ’tis the season for gifts- graduations, weddings galore, hostess gifts, etc.  So I’ve corralled a few of my favorites that I’m working into my collection below.

Whimsy Press, Duh

If you haven’t heard of them… where have you been?  Most of their papers are double sided, and they sell entire collections as a set, so you’ll coordinate, but not match (that’s important).


Funnel Paper Goods

They compared their prints to well-worn flannel pajamas, and I get that.  The patterns are familiar, yet interesting.


Erin Ruth

So crisp and so clean!


Jinky Wink

These are begging for some raffia!


Rose & Radish

I don’t think Rose and Radish actually makes their own papers, but they have a cute selection at their store.


Broadway Paper

Broadway Paper has a huge selection of great papers.  Even their solids are pretty!


Bag It

And I’m not a huge fan of the Gift Bag, but it’s better than the plastic Target bag the gift came in…  The Gift Bag Factory classes it up for those lazy days.


Raj tents cure cancer and make you thinner March 14, 2008

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raj tents

I want to keep things reasonable on this site because I’m on the type of budget where in order to have a dinner party, I usually have to eat ramen one night of the week. But alas, I’m a dreamer. And when I see Raj Tents, I drift into a world of personal chefs, weekends on my yacht in the Mediterranean, and Jonathan Adler on speed dial.

I don’t want to rent a Raj Tent for a special event. I want to own one. Okay two. One custom-made for elaborate outdoor picnics and another for my poolside cabana.

I’ve wanted one ever since I saw this cover- Domino May 2006

This picture (I believe Domino May 2007) made me think it was all within reach- she made her canopy with saris and ribbon.

And then this month they did another article where they credited Raj Tents (the picture isn’t a Raj Tent, but they credit RT as a place you can buy one similar to the one shown). Please excuse the poor quality scan- it’s really bad, but you get the idea!

So I tried to come up with a crafty way of making a DIY project out of the Domino cover style tent. I mean, it’s not that different from an EZ pop up tent; it just has a custom top/lining and fabric-covered poles. I came across this article by a renaissance festival vendor on how to instill some old world charm onto an aluminum framed tailgating mainstay. If you scroll past the tacky wannabe castle pattern, there’s a section on how to make a pattern for a tent canopy. Bonus: the article is titled “Get Medieval on Your Pop-Up!”

Or if you want to go the fabric & ribbon route, you can go the way of Martha Stewart.

She shows a couple of ways of forging your own, and they’re much less of an investment of time or resources. Of course the price tag goes up from there! You’ll need some great textiles first. I’d try these (all outdoor fabrics from Lewis & Sheron):

Once you get your cover in place, don’t forget to accent it with indoor luxuries like romantic lighting, a soft rug, and seating.

Low seating like Urban Outfitters floor cushion platform is both rustic and refined (add some lumbar pillows and it looks alot like the swanky seating in the Raj tent in the first picture). There are more cushion colors & patterns on UO’s site.

Hang some of these lanterns or birdcages (if you have power) for lighting (from The Home Port)

And pick up a rug from Dash & Albert’s collection of indoor/outdoor polypropolene collection

And finally, you’ll need a place to put your drinks, so pick up a cute end table from West Elm like these:


On the hunt for hand towels March 9, 2008

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Why is it that most hand towels for the kitchen are so old-fashioned looking- pictorals of cartoon animals or checkered prints that don’t have any personality. I’m changing the color of my kitchen, and I’ve been hunting for fun, modern prints. Here’s what I’ve turned up so far.

artgoodies’ shop on Etsy has great linocut block printed towels in modern colors and bird patterns. A set of 6 will cost you $84, but they’re sold separately as well.


I like the bright colors and the simple patterns on these at PataPri’s Etsy shop. A set of three for $40. Check out all her different patterns at her shop.


I think Skinny laMinx’s are my favorite. More patterns and colorways in her shop. Only $11 per towel.


These are from Three Potato Four, I like the simple spot color and the kitchen sketches. I think I’ll be getting both! $18 each here.


Inspired by… A beautiful yellow & black bedroom

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yellow-black-white br

I love seeing interiors, fashion, artwork, and any other type of creative “piece” inspire the design of an event or dinner party. Periodically, I’ll post pictures of tear sheets and show how I might translate that into an event. The translation below is pretty literal. I didn’t mind any budget, but I think you could achieve the look relatively inexpensively if you needed.

This is a quick, easy way to interpret it:

yellow black white table copy

1. I’d make a runner out of this fabric (only $12.50 per yard). I think it’s a beautiful version of zebra print. And a table runner would be more affordable and subtle than a full length cloth.  You might even border it (a little more work) with yellow fabric or layer it with a wider runner (a little more expensive) that’s yellow.

2. & 3. These coasters and these tea light holders can be used together or independently. I think the crystal accent is just enough to mimic the room’s lamp and knobs on the end table.  I also found these fun “diamond” napkin rings.

4. These chargers are a perfect match. Pair with simple white plates.

5. Vivre’s gold serpent tray adds an additional nod to animals while incorporating some of the gold seen in the room.

7.  Yes, I skipped 6 (too lazy to go back & change it now)… Modern yellow callas (picture via are easy to arrange and statuesque on a table.  You might also consider daffodils (a tad less formal) or dahlias (a little more frilly).


Pick Picks February 23, 2008

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Picks copy

Boring toothpicks are so passe. They’re just very pedestrian (isn’t that such a delightfully snobby way of saying it?).  I just think plain toothpicks look very “Fellowship Hall Banquet,” whereas something reusable is not only good for the environment but it also elevates presentation.  You can still make swedish meatballs, but think of how elegant they’d look presented individually stabbed with one of these picks rather than in a vat of sauce in a floral crockpot.

1.  Sleek and modern at; 6 for $5.95 here.

2.  While disposable, these are made from bamboo, a sustainable resource.  And they’re cheap and look like you spent two hours tying little bamboo knots at the ends!

3.  Talisman offers all kinds of different beaded tops on their picks here.

4. MOMA has sets of four of these for $15

5. If I don’t buy these first, you should check out these vintage picks.  The packaging says it all- “gracious entertaining” Please excuse the crappy picture here.  The website does it more justice.

6.  And as always, check out Etsy for cute original  ideas and inspiration to make your own!


Transitional Pieces January 24, 2008

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louis and kartell

The Louis Ghost Chair by Philip Starck is used by designers all over as a “transitional piece.” A piece that helps bridge the gap between modern furniture and more ornate antique pieces. Another classic in this genre is the Kartell Bourgie Lamp (see Desire to Inspire’s lovely ode to the lamp here). Because mixing styles is all the rage these days, I thought it would be fun to come up with a list of similar transitional pieces that blend antique sensibilities with modern punches for entertaining.

transitional pieces copy

1. This candelabra mimics the lucite-meets-classic styling of the Ghost Chair and the Bourgie lamp- at a fraction of the cost! Available here.

2. This candlestick holder has rococco detailing with plump bottoms and a glossy monochromatic glaze. Available in gold and white too! Here.

3. I don’t normally endorse plastic utensils, but you could/should reuse these.

4. I wish these came in more colors, but the bright pink makes these vintage-style pedestals instantly modern. How cute would mini cupcakes look on these?

5. I think these plates are a great bridge between classic designs, yet the lines are a bit cleaner and the colors so vibrant and fresh:

6. A very modern doily– this one is lazer cut from felt. It’s also available in other colors and shapes.

7. And this teapot is so traditional in nature- it’s Waterford… and it’s a teapot. But in clear glass and simple lines, it’s instantly updated.

Do you have any other pieces you think are perfect in transitioning two genres of design?