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Transitional Pieces January 24, 2008

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louis and kartell

The Louis Ghost Chair by Philip Starck is used by designers all over as a “transitional piece.” A piece that helps bridge the gap between modern furniture and more ornate antique pieces. Another classic in this genre is the Kartell Bourgie Lamp (see Desire to Inspire’s lovely ode to the lamp here). Because mixing styles is all the rage these days, I thought it would be fun to come up with a list of similar transitional pieces that blend antique sensibilities with modern punches for entertaining.

transitional pieces copy

1. This candelabra mimics the lucite-meets-classic styling of the Ghost Chair and the Bourgie lamp- at a fraction of the cost! Available here.

2. This candlestick holder has rococco detailing with plump bottoms and a glossy monochromatic glaze. Available in gold and white too! Here.

3. I don’t normally endorse plastic utensils, but you could/should reuse these.

4. I wish these came in more colors, but the bright pink makes these vintage-style pedestals instantly modern. How cute would mini cupcakes look on these?

5. I think these plates are a great bridge between classic designs, yet the lines are a bit cleaner and the colors so vibrant and fresh:

6. A very modern doily– this one is lazer cut from felt. It’s also available in other colors and shapes.

7. And this teapot is so traditional in nature- it’s Waterford… and it’s a teapot. But in clear glass and simple lines, it’s instantly updated.

Do you have any other pieces you think are perfect in transitioning two genres of design?


2 Responses to “Transitional Pieces”

  1. Mary Lesh Says:

    I love your tips! I don’t usually like plastic, but I think I need the rococo plasticware. And the pink pedestal plates are a must. I especially like the low prices on these. Thank you for your inspiration.

  2. Christy Hussain Says:

    I love all the pieces you selected. I can’t wait to see more

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