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The Name Game June 27, 2008

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This is my first post that really pertains to the business I hope to open one day.  Without going deep into the details of the business right now, it’s going to be an “event boutique.”  And I’m having trouble naming it.

Choosing a name feels like getting a tattoo… so permanant.

There are all the obvious questions- Is it original enough?  Will it be appropriate in ten years?  Does it encapsulate my business concept?  And then there are the practicality questions- Is it easy to remember?  Is the domain name available?  Is it easy to spell and say?

The name of this blog is “Shindig Shoppe” for a reason.  It’s the name I chose for the business.  But it’s the hundredth name I’ve chosen.  And now I have another one.  Obviously I can’t keep doing this.  And I’m getting close to buying a domain name and launching a website, so I have to pick something and stick with it.  So whatta you think?

Shindig Shoppe or Shindy General

I like that Shindy General isn’t so blatantly a “shindig” reference because that word has been used too many times for event-themed businesses. But Shindig Shoppe might be more clear in referring to the business…

Any thoughts?



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I love gift wrap.  Love it.  I don’t even give very many gifts, but I have a wrapping paper (and ribbon) collection that’s overflowing its current home.  And ’tis the season for gifts- graduations, weddings galore, hostess gifts, etc.  So I’ve corralled a few of my favorites that I’m working into my collection below.

Whimsy Press, Duh

If you haven’t heard of them… where have you been?  Most of their papers are double sided, and they sell entire collections as a set, so you’ll coordinate, but not match (that’s important).


Funnel Paper Goods

They compared their prints to well-worn flannel pajamas, and I get that.  The patterns are familiar, yet interesting.


Erin Ruth

So crisp and so clean!


Jinky Wink

These are begging for some raffia!


Rose & Radish

I don’t think Rose and Radish actually makes their own papers, but they have a cute selection at their store.


Broadway Paper

Broadway Paper has a huge selection of great papers.  Even their solids are pretty!


Bag It

And I’m not a huge fan of the Gift Bag, but it’s better than the plastic Target bag the gift came in…  The Gift Bag Factory classes it up for those lazy days.