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The Name Game June 27, 2008

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This is my first post that really pertains to the business I hope to open one day.  Without going deep into the details of the business right now, it’s going to be an “event boutique.”  And I’m having trouble naming it.

Choosing a name feels like getting a tattoo… so permanant.

There are all the obvious questions- Is it original enough?  Will it be appropriate in ten years?  Does it encapsulate my business concept?  And then there are the practicality questions- Is it easy to remember?  Is the domain name available?  Is it easy to spell and say?

The name of this blog is “Shindig Shoppe” for a reason.  It’s the name I chose for the business.  But it’s the hundredth name I’ve chosen.  And now I have another one.  Obviously I can’t keep doing this.  And I’m getting close to buying a domain name and launching a website, so I have to pick something and stick with it.  So whatta you think?

Shindig Shoppe or Shindy General

I like that Shindy General isn’t so blatantly a “shindig” reference because that word has been used too many times for event-themed businesses. But Shindig Shoppe might be more clear in referring to the business…

Any thoughts?


One Response to “The Name Game”

  1. Lori Says:

    I know what you are going through! It is a difficult and challenging chore…and you feel like you HAVE to get it right or else! Anyway, I like the Shindy General, but that be because I think I like General more than Shoppe. I think General sounds better with both Shin Dig and Shindy. I hope this helps.

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