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Who? Me? January 24, 2008

I love design and hope to one day translate it into a business where I can combine that love with my love of entertaining. I also love writing and surfing the ole interweb, so this seems like a natural outlet for me.

I want this blog to chronicle my business-owner dreams and hopefully serve as a sounding board for the indecision and concerns of taking the leap into entrepreneurship.  It seems as though there’s very few people who are candid about what it really takes (I’m not talking about chutzpah) to open a business.  Hopefully as I explore that, people will be interested (or not, and it’ll just be venting forum for me).  And while there’s no shortage of wonderful design blogs out there, I hope to tap into design devotees who love to entertain and dream of working for themselves one day.

And because this blog is all mine, I’m sure I’ll throw in some of the other less-relevant things I covet.


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