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Inspired by… A beautiful yellow & black bedroom March 9, 2008

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yellow-black-white br

I love seeing interiors, fashion, artwork, and any other type of creative “piece” inspire the design of an event or dinner party. Periodically, I’ll post pictures of tear sheets and show how I might translate that into an event. The translation below is pretty literal. I didn’t mind any budget, but I think you could achieve the look relatively inexpensively if you needed.

This is a quick, easy way to interpret it:

yellow black white table copy

1. I’d make a runner out of this fabric (only $12.50 per yard). I think it’s a beautiful version of zebra print. And a table runner would be more affordable and subtle than a full length cloth.  You might even border it (a little more work) with yellow fabric or layer it with a wider runner (a little more expensive) that’s yellow.

2. & 3. These coasters and these tea light holders can be used together or independently. I think the crystal accent is just enough to mimic the room’s lamp and knobs on the end table.  I also found these fun “diamond” napkin rings.

4. These chargers are a perfect match. Pair with simple white plates.

5. Vivre’s gold serpent tray adds an additional nod to animals while incorporating some of the gold seen in the room.

7.  Yes, I skipped 6 (too lazy to go back & change it now)… Modern yellow callas (picture via are easy to arrange and statuesque on a table.  You might also consider daffodils (a tad less formal) or dahlias (a little more frilly).